About Caliber United Inc.


We are a global trading company and procurement office based in Chicago USA, which supplies equipment and materials for the following industries:

We are in the business for Pipes, Valves, Flanges, Fittings, Instrumentation equipment, Structural steel, Compression fittings, Electrical equipment including Power Control & Instrumentation Cable, Gaskets, Seals, Hoses & Couplings, Gate, Globe, Ball, Check & Butterfly Valves and different kinds of industrial hoses.

The success of Caliber United Inc is best reflected by the quality of the products that we are able to distribute and perhaps more importantly, the longevity of our clients. We have maintained a leadership position as the leading distributor in the areas we serve to sell and support the industries leading products. Indeed, Caliber Unitedís vitality as a company depends on the continued ability to remain attuned to the changing needs of our clients, keeping abreast of new products, and being able to technically determine whether these new products are suitable for our clientís needs.

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